A Few Words About Us

Our Story

Lanta Muay Thai Academy was founded by Decha Rodraksa in 2000, it was originally called Lanta Gym, and it was the first and only Thai Boxing gym in Koh Lanta. He built bungalows shortly after. With time and care Lanta Gym became the famous Lanta Muay Thai Academy and the bungalows were replaced by Lanta Sport Resort.

Decha Rodraksa was born in 1977 in Trang. His Father owned a small gym in Trang named So Khuanriang (Thai name: ศ.ขวัญเรียง). Decha started training there from the age of 10, he had his first fight when he was 11 years old.  

He attended a college in Trang and studied Engineering and Construction in the Bangkok University. He was studying and taking exams, while at the same time preparing for and competing in tournaments and championships, both in Boxing and Thai Boxing. He went on to win Intercollegiate Boxing Championship in Thailand.

It isn’t uncommon that Muay Thai fighters in Thailand change their names, a fighter takes a new name when he changes the gym he fights for.

Decha’s 1st fighter’s name was Phunphat (Thai name: พูลพัฒน์ ศ.ขวัญเรียง), however he has been widely known under his 2nd name Detpayak Sasiprapagym (Thai name: เดชพยัคฆ์ ศศิประภายิม) or his English name William that comes from his childhood’s nickname Liam (Thai name: เลี้ยม).

With over 250 professional fights, he is a World Champion Japan 1999, a Champion of South East Asia Muay Thai Championship Saipan 2003. He competed in Bangkok Lumpini Stadium in over 50 fights.

One of his passions is teaching, he taught Muay Thai to foreigners abroad in United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Switzerland, Denmark, and PR China.

Muay Thai Championship Japan 1999

“I love Muay Thai, it’s been my passion for as long as I remember. Thai Boxing is much more than a martial art, it teaches you humility and resilience. You become stronger, both physically and mentally, it strengthens your inner self.” 

Producer of Muay Thai Show

The Present

William Muay Thai owns two Muay Thai Stadiums: one in Koh Lanta, another one in Ao Nang.

William personally holds a valid Promoter Licence enabling him to arrange Thai Boxing fights and competitions. 

He also has a Producer License that allows him a production and worldwide broadcasting of Muay Thai Competition Shows.